Welcome to Tailek's House Cooking Class, where an exciting journey through the cuisines of Thailand awaits you.

If you want to experience an authentic culinary journey through Thai cuisines, if you want to wow your guests with exotic dishes from the Land of Smiles, if you just want to taste food that no taste buds have tasted before, then Tailek House Cooking School welcomes you here for a savoury lesson in Thai cooking.

Satiate your senses with Bee, a passionate cook with a heart of gold. From green curries to the renowned Pad Thai (fried noodles), she will show you what you need to know to whip up a storm of impressive Thai dishes.

Classes include:

- Choice of 3 dishes to cook
- A trip to the local wet market to choose and purchase ingredients
- Preparations of ingredients in a fully-equipped kitchen
- Learning the techniques of Thai cuisines
- Enjoy your meals!

Price for a class per person is USD$35 or THB1,050.

To book a class, please send an email titled "Tailek House Cooking School" to 
and include your preferred time period, choice of 3 dishes together with your name and contact information.

Please note that each class has only 3 slots, so book early to ensure a spot in your preferred time frame.